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December 26, 2019

There is a lot at stake in the next election, both on the national level and here at home. Here in the 24th Middlesex, which stretches between Arlington, Belmont, and North Cambridge, we need to modernize our MBTA, and we need to ensure that our U.Mass system provides an affordable, world-class education to allow students to avoid student-loan debt.  We can’t run a high-energy economy on last century’s trains and buses, and we can’t meet our climate challenge without bold action to make public transit an attractive option for commuters.

Public policy can improve lives for students, commuters, families, elders, and average citizens. Or it can make our lives more difficult. The decisions that have been made to increase fees in the U.Mass system, defer maintenance on the MBTA, and more are indicative of leadership that doesn’t fight hard enough for ordinary people.

We need a confident, progressive leader. Jen Fries has a track record of raising millions of dollars for our public schools, and she has engaged thousands of volunteer tutors and mentors for the benefit of public school students in Cambridge. We need a rep at the State House who knows how to fight hard and to bring people together for our schools and our future. Join us as we raise the standards for what we can do, together.


Paid for by Committee to Elect Jen Fries

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Jen Fries