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January 4, 20200

An extraordinary time

Although the situation in Washington is dire, here at home, there are many critical things we can do to protect our families, our economy, and our rights. Some of Jen’s legislative priorities include:

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Public transit

Investing in and modernizing the MBTA. We cannot have a thriving economy when people cannot get to work. Similarly, we cannot cut our carbon emissions without making mass transit attractive and reliable. We need to make significant investments that make more commuters want to choose to get out of traffic to take a reliable, affordable ride on the T. This will require figuring out a new revenue stream that can be dedicated the the T, lowering the cost of rides, investment in parking at terminus stations like Alewife, electrifying more of the system, and the political will to get it adopted.

Public colleges and universities

Restoring our U.Mass system to fiscal health and viability, by passing the Cherish Act, restoring funding for the system back to 2001 levels. The New England Board of Higher Education reports that “Massachusetts has the fastest rising cost of public higher education in the nation.”  In addition to the Cherish Act, we need to pass legislation to ensure a debt-free option for in-state students who enroll in public colleges. No Massachusetts student should have to go into debt or visit food pantries to attend our U.Mass system. There needs to be an affordable, excellent education in our state system to ensure that every bright student has access to a world-class college education. With adequate funding, the system can prioritize teaching and learning rather than survival.

Climate change

We need to bring urgency to reversing climate change and building climate resiliency. State policies can move us faster toward 100% renewable energy, prioritize mass transit and electric vehicles, promote environmental justice, and make Massachusetts a leader in developing green jobs. We need to pass the bill sponsored by Rep. Marjorie Decker and Rep. Sean Garballey to promote 100% renewables.

Bodily Autonomy

Securing women’s rights and the rights of pregnant people to healthcare here at home by passing the ROE Act. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, having appropriate laws on the books to protect our rights is essential.  Massachusetts also can move faster to process the backlog of rape kits and to protect the rights of all citizens to bodily autonomy and quality care.

Safe Communities

Protecting our immigrant neighbors and families with the Safe Communities Act. These policies ensure that we are encouraging crime victims and witnesses to work with the police rather than hiding from them, making all of us safer. We also must prioritize gun sense policies to keep Massachusetts as the safest state for gun violence and to ensure that no residents must fear gun violence in their communities.



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