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January 3, 20200

Although the situation in Washington is dire, here at home, there are many critical things we can do to protect our families, our economy, and our rights. Some of Jen’s legislative priorities include:

  • Investing in and modernizing the MBTA. We cannot have a thriving economy when people cannot get to work. Similarly, we cannot cut our carbon emissions without making mass transit attractive and reliable. We need to make significant investments that make more commuters want to choose to get out of traffic to take a reliable, affordable ride on the T. This will require figuring out a new revenue stream that can be dedicated the the T, lowering the cost of rides, investment in parking at terminus stations like Alewife, and the political will to get it adopted.
  • Restoring our U.Mass system to fiscal health and viability, by passing the Cherish Act. There needs to be an affordable, excellent education in our state system to ensure that every student has access to a world-class college education. This system needs to prioritize teaching and learning.
  • Securing women’s rights and the rights of pregnant people to healthcare here at home by passing the ROE Act.
  • Protecting our immigrant neighbors and families with the Safe Communities Act. These policies ensure that we are encouraging crime victims and witnesses to work with the police rather than hiding from them, making all of us safer.
  • Passing laws to prioritize safety, health, and climate resiliency, including gun sense and gun buyback laws; safe and walkable streets and sidewalks; solar and wind energy programs; and low emission policies.

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Paid for by Committee to Elect Jen Fries

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Jen Fries