Jen Fries for State Rep, 24th Middlesex

Cambridge School Committee member Ayesha Wilson (at the mic) and Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui gave moving endorsements for Jen's candidacy at her campaign kickoff March 4th


This is an extraordinary time, in our nation and in our district. We need a state representative who understands the urgency of action on climate change, public transit upgrades, reducing student debt, and ensuring the rights of women and immigrants. Although the situation in Washington is dire, here at home, there are many critical things we can do to protect our families, our economy, and our rights.

Map of the 24th Middlesex District MA, which includes all of Belmont; Arlington: Precincts 2, 4, 8, 10, 12; and Cambridge: Ward 11: Precincts 1, 3.

The 24th Middlesex District

Jen Fries has lived in the district for twenty years. The district includes all of Belmont, part of North Cambridge, and part of Arlington between Route 2 and Mass Ave.  The housing includes single family homes, condos, and rentals. Residents live in cooperative homes at Cornerstone and affordable housing developments at Fresh Pond Apartments and Rindge Towers. Other affordable housing in the district includes Jefferson Park and Trolley Sq. Just-A-Start is also proposing a new project with 100 units, Rindge Commons.

The district has 43,000 people (including 10,000 children and 1,100 college students) who live in the district in 16,851 households.

Most common jobs in the district are professional (including IT, science, engineering); education; and healthcare.  Median household income is $104K. 1,057 residents received food stamps in the most recent reported year. The bottom quintile of households have an average income of $20,100 annually. 

Seventy-four percent of adults have a college degree or higher. Approximately 7,000 children are enrolled in school K-12, most in public school (92% in K-5, 84% middle school, and 78% high school students are in public school).

The district is 70% white/non-Hispanic, 5% Latinx, 7% Black, 14% Asian, 2.3% “multiracial/biracial”. Thirty-three percent (33%) of the households have children under 18.  

57% (19,800) are married, 30% (10,400) never married, 9% are divorced, 4% are widowed. Seventy-three (73%) of the residents were born in the U.S. Among those foreign-born residents, the most common countries of origin are China, India, Ethiopia, Korea, and Haiti. Among all residents, the most common ancestry reported were Irish, Italian, English, German, and Chinese.

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